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Granite State Information Security works together with businesses to provide a continual sustainable security posture. Security is our main focus. Our staff have numerous security certifications such as CISSP, OSCP, and CEH.

Granite State Information Security goes more in depth than a check list. We provide a security report to your organization and help your staff implement and sustain your security posture.


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Straight from our blog
August 22, 2018

3 Simples Ways to Secure Your WordPress Site

If your small business uses WordPress, the loss of downtime if your website is categorized as “hacked” or “blacklisted” could mean the difference between staying open or closing your doors. For a small business, recovering your website from being listed as “hacked”, “phished” or “blacklisted” could cost a couple of thousand dollars in recovery fees. Many small businesses just can’t afford those fees. How can you keep your WordPress site secure? You just need to

Take the Time for Patch Updates
August 21, 2018

Take the Time for Patch Updates

Small organizations often struggle with implementing a patch management lifecycle.  Why? One word: resources. Many small businesses have an IT consultant and/or a managed service provider, and they don’t consider patch management in their roadmap for a small business. So, where should businesses start? How do they stay safe from ransomware? Can your small business survive a cyber incident like ransomware? Always remember the golden rule: keep it simple. The first step an organization should

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